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The self-learning center (SLZ)

  The principle of the SLZ will be fundamentally rethought in the course of the 2020/21 school year.


Here is the "old" description:

The self-learning center (SLZ for short) of the RSZ  It has existed for several years and is currently being looked after by two teachers. From what was initially a manageable collection of media, an impressive number (about 2,500) of the most diverse media (books, games, DVDs, CDs) has developed over the years.


In addition to entertainment literature of various genres, there are of course reference works and specialist literature for all school subjects offered. During the opening hours, the pupils can also get help with presentations or project work, for example, or do their own research at the computer workstation.


If you have a membership card, you can play and read in the SLZ in addition to borrowing.


As a place of rest, the room offers the students relaxation from the otherwise often stressful everyday school life. Taking into account the fact that some of the pupils are not reading at all, the SLZ should always create reading incentives - in a room that is also a meeting point in everyday school life and in which one can feel comfortable.

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