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Together we are on the way to inclusion


School and lessons present us with the challenge of designing a suitable place of learning for all children, where they can learn optimally according to their abilities and develop in the best possible way. School framework conditions must be geared towards recognizing all children, with and without special educational support needs, in their diversity and meeting their special needs.

That is why it is important to us that all children and young people with and without a migration background, from different cultural and religious contexts, from socially disadvantaged families and also children with special educational needs can learn together here. Every child has the right to be picked up where they are and to be encouraged and challenged in their individual abilities and possibilities.

In addition, school must prepare for professional life. We use the state project for this  " No degree without connection ( KAoA ).

This applies regardless of whether there is a need for special educational support or not. It is our job to do justice to the different ways of learning. We support and challenge the students, taking into account all their individual requirements. An important aspect is tolerating and accepting the differentness of everyone. All children should learn as early as possible to experience the principles of human coexistence that are already anchored in the Basic Law. No child should be excluded from the community because of their disability, nationality or religion.

In joint learning ( GL ), pupils with different special educational support needs are taught together with regular pupils in a class by a regular school teacher. He is supported by colleagues from the multi-professional team.

This requires an adaptation of the spatial, material and personal equipment that is individually tailored to the children. The pedagogical starting point is the provision of a differentiated learning offer by the team. This approach aims to meet the different cognitive, linguistic, motor, emotional and social needs of EVERY child.

Concrete action learning, abstract learning, experiential learning, community learning mix according to each child's learning type.


- Learning together to realize inclusion-

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