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What is happening at the RSZ?


Since the "re-establishment" a lot has been happening at the Realschule on Gelsenkirchener Strasse.

This page is intended to provide short reports on the latest innovations on an ongoing basis.




- Creation of a new school program

- Revision of the schoolyard design

- Planning of the new technology room

- Repairs in and around the school have been commissioned.

- School newspaper in planning

- School garden in planning

- NW new building in planning

- Expansion of digitization

- Renovation of the external facade

- Painting of the railings


Already made:

- Start of the renovation of the student toilets

- Beginning of  New construction of the student toilets

- Creation of a new media concept

- Development of a new school homepage

- Expanding the use of Logineo

- Development of new, digital teaching concepts

-the rear outside staircase will be renovated

- Information displays for the staff room and the corridor are in the experimental phase

- Naming is decided

- Waiting for the new school tablets

-Waiting for new student PCs

- Introduction of Webuntis, many thanks to the city of Essen

- the rear entrance got a new, very nice staircase

- The color concept of the RSG is implemented

Yellow floor: work teaching (home economics, technology, economics/social sciences)/classrooms

Gray floor: administration wing/classrooms

Green Floor: Science/Classrooms

Blue Floor: Information Science/Musicology/Classrooms


- Return to the classroom principle

- Mission statement was created

- RSG now uses Logineo

- Teachers' room got new furniture

- Waiting for the new school furniture

- Creation of a new mission statement

- the first floor has been painted, green floor, natural sciences

- the technical room got additional, used workbenches and high chairs

- the tea kitchen in the staff room was installed

- the herb snail in the schoolyard has been reactivated

Core drilling work and preparatory work for the student toilets.

- the provisional technical room is active and the lessons will take place for the first time in year 7 (WP and inclusion).

- The first rooms have been repainted (third floor, rector and vice-principal office, staff room and the first classrooms

- Installation of new outdoor and indoor rubbish bins, theme: clean school

- Installation of a new lighting system for the outdoor area, topic: safe school

- Installation of the first WiFi router

- Renovation of the expansion joints

- Installation of new outdoor rubbish bins

- Installation of new magnetic and cork boards in the school corridors

- Delivery of 9 new media trolleys, without media

- Delivery of the media for the new media trolleys

- WLAN for mobile devices is technically operational

- Domain RSG-Essen has been unlocked

- The RSG WiFi network has been tested and activated.

  A placement in the pedagogical work can begin soon.

- The WLAN is activated and can be used

- Extension of the media equipment 

- Start of planning for the renewal of the student toilets.

- The administration wing has been repainted

- The teachers' room got a second teacher's PC

- The teaching staff is successively integrated into the WLAN

- Pcs in Science have been renewed.

- The school got two surveillance cameras due to the vandalism damage at night.

- The teaching wing on the ground floor has been deleted

- The entrance area has been repainted

- The grilles on the outer facade were painted in Zollverein red

- The teachers' toilets will be renovated.

- The student lockers have been renewed.

- Return of the herb snail

- The mission statement of the school is developed

- the preliminary talks with the future school newspaper were made





In the coming weeks and months we expect many more modernizations!


We look forward to it and will keep you posted!

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